Range of Motion Testing

In our clinic we use DynaROM Motion EMG, this is preferred method of testing for its ability for to detect the absence or presence of soft tissue injury. We offer Cervical and Lumbar testing, this exam will measure you range of motion as well as your muscles guarding in each motion. Your results will be broken down into each motion recorded, and labeled “normal” “ mild” or “severe” , as well as the overall assessment of the Cervical and Lumbar Clinical Impression.

The DynaROM technology is actually quite simple, it combines wireless dual inclinometry with EKG technology to simultaneously measure range of motion and muscle guarding. It is commonly known that muscle guarding is the body’s natural defense in response to pain in motion. So, when you measure the two together, the results become considerably more sensitive to soft tissue injury.

So, is this a valid TOOL? Absolutely, it’s validity was upheld through to the State Supreme Court in Merritt vs. Dept. of Health. Attorneys are requesting that our clinic perform DynaROM to substantiate injury levels and maximum medical improvement for litigation.

The results of the DynaROM test can be used in conjunction with established medical records to help with the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Disability
  • On the job Injury
  • Common athlete injuries

The results of the DynaROM test will also help Dr. Szigety gauge your range of motion and pain level to map out the best treatment plan for you specifically! Dr. Szigety will create a treatment plan to relieve your pain and improve joint functions, efficiently and with long lasting results. You will also benefit from viewing your results. How many times do you ask yourself, WHY does this hurt? Or where is pain generating from? Our bodies heal in their own ways, most people need a visual to understand. Being able to see your results may help you understand your pain, or using it as a checkpoint to see your improvements.

If you have any questions regarding range of motion or any of our chiropractic services please don’t hesitate to give us a call! (425) 775-6767.

DynaROM Motion EMG
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